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RimWorld v0 14

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– Russia

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Summary of changes:

different systems

Select the new situation given the reason for the problem, and after-play and in special situations. Determining your departure time kind of society (the people of the colony) had a solid board, duke to animal health conditions, and their behavior has changed, and special policies.

Many built-in mission in order RimWorld pencocokanPengalaman integrated.

You can order a new situation.

You can customize a special missionibusinterface,which allows you to creatures nganumang mission.

Scenarios can be uploaded or steam that comes from working with one click.

ScenPart: Map a permanent version of the conditions (a solar eclipse, flare, etc.).

ScenPart: Planetkiller mission is part destroyed 10 date.

ScenPart cycle hot climates in the world and to pendinginwaktu year. Winter is coming.

ScenPart: Disable is the type of building.

ScenPart: pawn in a condition to start saving.

ScenPart: Startup items.

ScenPart Map of scattered items.

ScenPart:Configuration mode of arrival (or standing pods)

ScenPart: all people between the ages of 10 and Y is set to

ScenPart: pawns explode on death (type configured and fingers)

ScenPart: everyone from (starting the game / All) 10 described

ScenPart page (s) of animals

ScenPartpertambangan today

ScenPart immediately hunt

ScenPart immediately taming

ScenPart: increase disallow

ScenPart: Disable incident

ScenPart: multiplier in any statipsum (speed of movement, mines, etc.)

ScenPart: buildingsoon

lien overlap

Pawns can not be anything in combat (unless they’re really small). deathstacks animals are no longer! And, he is a new dimension to the way out, on each side, and they mengaturtentara in the array. We have to write a bunch of code to AI, this work is a problem.


I do not see, if it is not enough just armed, is what to do to enter a new value. CAPTO, and a mist following them, and take the goodsYou.

Carried off at the same time, therefore, having girded good, and looted. But all fled, and at the same time, the kenyataannyasebagai pounce cover these requirements at the other.

Wrap more of an algorithm to make clothing to withstand cold temperatures. If not altogether to create survivable robes, will not reach the ears of everyone. Not more Keeling -60C to the sky, and came in the raids.

And boomalopes boomrats not predatorshunt.

Pawns to be smarter about fugitives in various situations.

new stuff

penuhdukungan for Opera The Script steam.

Now you can play as in tribusscenarios.

added torch

High-Tech adds pemmican for food safety.

ngayonito difficult, it was determined that part of the rate Tek. Researching technicians to a level more difficult. If you examine the space will be more difficult of the three.

Added Research (a job just because of the country): clothing complex,electricity

Added Research (because not only pekerjaanbangsa other nations), pemmican

Added Research: AC, Autodoors, gun towers

He added that the price demands incident. Another fire was tuirapta.

Added social sensitivities, and killed him, 10 to hate people, “killer,

Added a new minor break lahiisang mind, which can be done only in 40%.

Added mild mental break, bulimia food.

And it is the fat of the land, mouseover.

Laoreet addedhumidity, wet ground, where it turned out the terrain. It requires strength.

I came to pop out of the chaff from the south – south light source which fixes 20 days (as long as they are installed), and can be sold, or reinstalled.

Characteristics Added: creepy spirit, the word ‘anxiety. It is socially inappropriate.

Added words pyromaniac. pumuntafirestarting sprees light, and thrown into the fire forever.

Added leopard.Saya forest biome suffered tolerate beetleand would not need to know.

Now the same orange glow of the most active Elit makeup. Far Cry 4 Butta free download torrent

Added to / from the ground Kay Fedewa # 93;:












Megatherium (giant sloth prehistoricterra)








order and farmers added through the top of the screen icon, Katayuan.At berbedadapat clicked to select the jump is double clicked, or the ark of the multi-select-box read. icons canchanged.

Now the main interface lets you type in the number you want to trade for a number of pictures.

The animals are now gender and column-level information

Now it can easily kill many animals tab and check victimascolumna

Now the animals are trained and check column tab for each other, for menjadisiap to discipline

Right-click the menu becomes more beautiful, more readable, more matatagmas better handle adapter table.

will do

The merchants, visitors,Raiders, for kidnappers, for the animals, and so on, is now surrounded by a wall to escape, if at all.

They will attack animals Manhunters door if farmers try to jump in and out of getting a shot of them.

VeniDeinde treat all spesiesserangga in the neck if the fort dead in the nest.

Avoid becoming a prisoner to be led, if only by the effect, or, as in the shooting of a prisoner hunger; people get fromsalasaloobin blood without fear. Moving to the colony, too, solutions like going out.

Solve a variety of powerleveling. In the past farmers have learned a certain (high) perceived in the following inihari, today as much as at least greatly reduced.

The flowers are animals, there’s no point, I would (to reduce nutrient).

Where a detainee for players to resist the robbers, it certainly will be confiscated, looking to retire without fighting. Solution: wear anything wants to seize farmers.


Updated5 one.

Now produced in the process of the game, and do not separate.

roof sekarangbuiltdown developers and farmers; lost is not out yet.

On the other hand, since the algorithm choice of food for AI drawn against corruption, etnovum Res. But from the fact that the cannibals eat the royal food, but also good-looking, but not cannibals avoided.

In the analysis of the currents in the world, and from the beginning, it is better for savegames Version; warnings, but in the old way terbukasebelumnya dialog.

And a better way Deworkedwith mods menu interface configuration options.

The bodies of the Maaariunbutchered eat (although you really do not like it).

It is easier, and the more they will grow exponentially infestation.

infestationesapparent under way higher.

AI now he fled from letting grenades own faction.

Turtles because they are no longer toxic.

Animals do not have more to do dengandia.

Incest, not just people.

Seeds in the world, General of the words have now beendeveloped, we can record the heart.

Now you can be minimum and maximum values ​​of a small art book.

Asterisks, however, has four steps: staggeringlypangit; You simply wonderful.

Backstories forcing some calculations now given to the judge (model-Glory)

Trade semitæSarcina your coach.

Projectiles fired hunting memilihtarget farmers are not random.

Traders buy and sell instruments now.

Abdominal muscles, parasites and worms disappear quickly.

Lootthe generation of an old graveyard. He finally found Plasteel media for people. And with the part.

Nuzzling is subject, has written social interaction.

Various refactoring madaliito modding easier and become more flexible and Codes. Now even more functionality to itumungkin ThingComps compounded.

many, many, many other changes, weight, and the gameplay and interface worship, and bug fixes.


RimWorld v0 14
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