Baxter Daily Protein Shampoo

Baxter Daily Protein Shampoo


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Nutrient enriched shampoo for men / Shampooing enrichi aux nutriments pour homme / Mit Nährstoffen angereichertes Shampoo für Männer / Shampoo nutriente per uomo / Shampoo enriquecido con nutrientes para hombres


Protein, Coenzyme Q10, and nutrients promote hair strength, body, and manageability. Gentle formula removes buildup, and natural toxins like DHT, a male hormone found to be harmful to the hair’s growth cycle.


Apply throughout hair, massaging into the scalp. Rinse thoroughly; repeat if necessary.

10oz / 300ml

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afro-american, asian, caucasian, latino, mixed-ethnicity


afro, afro-mixed, bald, breaking, curly, damaged, fine, flaking scalp, greasy, medium, normal, oily, straight, thick, thinning, wavy


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