Wurkin Stiffs 2.5-inch Power Stays

Wurkin Stiffs 2.5-inch Power Stays


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Product Description

Purchase the most popular size collar stay used in menswear. (2.5 inches long)

“Power-On” your shirt collars with The Only Magnetic Collar Stays. These high-tech alloy stays are made with the same material found in aerospace engineering.

Power Stays™ transform all of your dress and sportswear shirt collars into hidden-button-down collars… giving you the unique ability to adjust your shirt collar where you want it.

It’s like gaining a whole new closet full of shirts!

What you get:

– (Six) 2.5-inch Satin-Finished Power Stays™
– (Six) Super-Strong Power Buttons™ (magnets)
– Würkin Stiffs® trademark Clear Packaging with Silicone Band.

Product Designed and Manufactured in USA


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